Asset Management

We provide a fee based platform offered through LPL Financial that allows us the freedom to engage our clients in an extensive consulting process that focuses on understanding and meeting your needs. Your portfolio is individually crafted and designed to achieve an optimal blend of investments tailored to your personal goals, time horizon and risk profile. The benefits of utilizing this platform are as follows:

Investment Strategy – Our fee based asset management approach is to participate in the stock market when itís advancing, and help protect during declines. We believe youíll find this refreshingly different to the typical buy and hold approach.

Independent Research – One of the largest independent research organizations in the industry.

Customization- Portfolios created to address current investment needs, protect your assets or seek capital appreciation.

Security Selection -
Mutual Funds*/Exchange Traded Funds/Unit Investment Trusts
Individual Stocks and Bonds

Ongoing Monitoring – Re-balancing is designed to ensure that the allocation of your assets remains in line with your stated objectives. Your portfolio is reviewed regularly and adjusted when needed to help maintain your optimal allocation.

Simplicity – One account, one statement, one fee.