Company Profile

Our company assists individuals and families in solving the problems that prevent them from achieving and preserving their ideal lifestyle, through good comprehensive values based financial planning and investment management services. We believe… if you’re serious about realizing your dreams, you need to plan for them.

Financial planning is the blueprint that assists you in making smart decisions about your finances and affords you the best chance of fulfilling your goals. A diversified portfolio with multiple asset classes and differing characteristics provides the best opportunity for long term investment success. It’s been said,”Those who do not have a clear vision of what they truly want, simply chase money, with hopes if they get enough, they’ll be happy”. Our goal is to help you create a vision that lets you live your dreams.

We typically serve people who …
• Are looking to consolidate their financial affairs.
• Prefer a disciplined, fee-based approach to asset management, through LPL Financial
• Own a small business
• Work at a large company
• Have larger investment portfolios and want to delegate or share the responsibilities for managing their money.
• Want to plan for retirement and/or the transfer of their wealth.

We exist to give people the freedom and confidence to enjoy their life, without the anxiety and stress of worrying about their finances. We strive for a close working relationship, where our clients are comfortable discussing any of their concerns with us whether financially related or not.

Clients can expect …
• Prompt courteous service first and foremost.
• More listening, than talking.
• The best use of our knowledge and experience.
• A written financial plan, with step-by-step plan of action to help you pursue your goals.
• Annual plan updates and quarterly investment portfolio meetings.
• Coordination with tax and legal professionals.
• Customized investment portfolios
• Ongoing portfolio monitoring
• Proper titling of assets and beneficiary designations.
• Reports for monitoring progress towards goals.