Why RJ Carr III Qualified Plan Consulting

Why You Might Want to Work with Us

•You have concerns regarding your Fiduciary issues or
  obligations and would like help managing your exposure.
•Plan is not being serviced to your satisfaction.
•Participants are not saving enough or not in a position to retire.
•You would like to be better organized.
•You would like assistance in establishing a process for overseeing your plan.

Our Clients Tell Us they Like Working with us for the Following Reasons

• We listen more and talk less.
• We're truly there when you need us.
• We’re up to date with current regulatory issues.
• We keep you organized.
• We help solve their problems.

We invite you to call us at 586-979-2678 or email us at robert.carr@lpl.com to schedule a free, no obligation appointment about how we can help you and your participants achieve your goals.